2012 Olympic Logo Process

Process overview for a fictional rebrand of the 2012 Olympic Games. This was a class assignment to rebrand the 2012 Olympic identity due to the controversy over the official brand.

This was a collaborative project between Anthony Macchio, Sisa Quadros, & Doug Petersen.
Noteworthy Research
1. London's name is derived from the Celtic term 'londinios', meaning 'place of the bold one'.
2. The Arts & Crafts Movement arose from the London area around the  year 1860.
3. 2012 will mark the 3rd time that London has hosted the Olympic Games.
Research Concepts

1. The arch is one of the strongest structures known to man and can be found implemented in many buildings and monuments throughout London and its surrounding area.
2. The Arts & Crafts Movement used vibrant hues in drab environments.
3. Triangles consist of 3 sides and are the strongest shape in geometry.
Logo Breakdown
Black & White Logo
Logo Concept
Color Palette
Color Logos
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